Looking for a club meeting location? Check out the campus map!

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The ASB can help clubs publicize.

  • ​Heat press for tshirts, flags, etc.

  • Poster materials for advertising

  • Photobooth

  • Sound system at break, lunch, or your next event

Use of all resources require prior approval. Email Mr. Johnson to get your next idea ready to rock!


Room use forms (FAFs) are required to reserve the use of any room a club needs for an event. These cannot be found online and must be picked up and returned to the Assistant Principal's Secretary.

These forms should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance by your club's secretary, filled out and signed.

How Do I Get the Forms I need for My Club

All forms can be printed from the Forms page on this website.


Getting Your club off the ground:

First find an advisor. Every club must have a faculty advisor to supervise club meetings and events and provide a place to meet. Most teachers are more than willing to be an adviser if their time allows, but please be kind to your adviser and keep them well informed of the club meetings and events so they can plan.

You will also need students willing to join your club! All club members must be enrolled at SLOHS and membership must be open to all students at school. Some exceptions may apply. It is recommended that your club have at least 5 members to perform the various club needs including officer roles.

Click here to see the SLOHS staff directory.

Next step, forms

The next step to starting your club is PAPERWORK, of course. You will need to identify if your group will be a Social club or an ASB club.  ASB Clubs are clubs in the classic sense with a budget and constitution. A Social Club is formed for students gathering for a shared interest.

Complete the appropriate application, and/or paperwork and wait for the approval email to your adviser. Then your club is official!  See the Forms page of this website to download the needed forms.

Start Having Fun

Now that you have an official clubs, you are free to do whatever it is your club does. A few common things that all clubs do is hold meetings, elect officers, fundraise for their events, and participate in the fall club rush. If you want to involve more of the school in your club, creating an activity week is a great way to do so. The sky is the limit!

Note: All fundraisers have to be pre-approved by the ASB and any cash box or room use requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks before you plan to hold your event.