2019 ASB Class 

Officer Positions

Jim Johnson

ASB Teacher

Mr. Johnson is the Director of ASB. At school he teaches a leadership class, AP government, and ASB. Outside of school he loves to Exercise in the form of cycling. Fun Fact- Mr. Johnson rides his bike to school almost every day.

Greg Thom

ASB President

Greg Thom is a senior and is currently the ASB President. On campus he is the co-founder of business club and co-president of Harvard model congress (HMC). He really likes pandas. 

Bailey Frost

ASB Vice President

Annalise Smelser

ASB Secretary

Niki Lauritzen

ASB Treasurer

Niki Lauritzen is the ASB treasurer. She also plays volleyball and does track. She loves Ella Fortini's car. 

Sydney Frost

Senior Class Officer

Henry Seaborne

Senior Class Officer

Henry Seaborne is a senior class officer. he is in charge of senior events, promoting school spirit, graduation stuff and the senior Instagram account. He is apart of HMC, democrat club and he enjoys eating food. 

Joe Mack

Senior Class Officer

Ellen Manning

Junior Class Officer

Ellen Manning is one of the junior class officers which means she is in charge of all junior events including prom. Outside of school she is a varsity softball player and enjoys spending time with her friends and dogs. 

Ainsley Lonsbrough

Junior Class Officer

Ainsley is a junior class officer and spends most of her time planning prom and helping put on ASB events. Outside of school she is a SLOHS wrestler and loves desserts and sweets, as well as any form of art. 

Kathrine Fricks

Junior Class Officer

Noah Clausen

Sophomore Class Officer

Noah Clausen is a 10th grader at SLO High. He's a sophomore class officer, putting on rallies, planning WOFO and hyping up the sophomore homies. Noah is apart of HMC, Best Buddies and plays baseball in the spring. He also loves The Office and sushi. 

Grace Byde

Sophomore Class Officer

Grace Byde is a sophomore class officer at SLO High. She is in charge of planning winter formal and other events involving the sophomore class. Outside of ASB she is involved in soccer, junior guards and best buddies. Grace doesn't like reading and math. 

Malena Stenvall

Sophomore Class Officer

Malena Stenvall is a 10th grader at SLOHS. She's a sophomore class officer and is uncharge of planning winter formal and handling all sophomore activities throughout the year. Outside of school, she dances 18 hours a week and religiously eats poke as much as she possibly can. 

Gia Anselmo

Freshman Class Officer

Nate Browning

Freshman Class Officer

Mark Rourke

Freshman Class Officer

Ben Jackson

Commissioner of Spirit

Ben Jackson is a junior at slots. In ASB he is the spirit commissioner, which means he directs all the rallies with his partner Addison , and puts on spirit days at school. On campus he's the treasurer of business club, a member of Harvard model congress. Outside of school Ben works as a buster at SLO Brew- The Rock and loves to swim laps and run in the mountains with his dog. He is also apart of the SLOHS tennis team and loves getting out there on the court with his boys. 

Addison Hubley

Commisssioner of Spirit

Addison Hubley is the commissioner of spirit. Basically this means he talks at the rally with his homie Ben. He is also responsible for the occasional oddly dressed students on Fridays. You ever see a student dressed up in pajamas, footy pajamas ora dog uniform? Yea thats thanks to this guy.

Franki Phelan

Commissioner of Athletics

Luke Roberts

Commissioner of Athletics

Milo Merk

Comissioner of Athletics

Milo Merk is one of the athletics commissioners at SLOHS. He promotes all sports teams on campus and school spirit at sporting events. on his free time he plays varsity football and baseball. 

Ella Attala

Commissioner of Academics

Erin Denny

Comissioner of Activities

This year Erin Denny is the commissioner of activities and last year she was junior class officer. Aside from ASB Erin enjoys playing water polo and eating applesauce.

Bautista Guerrero

Commissioner of Activities

Olivia Cisineros

Commissioner of Arts

Olivia is this year's commissioner of the arts. She handles all visual and preforming arts of campus and makes sure they get the recognition they deserve. Olivia is involved in HMC, Speech and Debate club, FFA and drama club. 

Moises Hernandez

Commissioner of Audio/Intramurals

Mason Herlihy

Commissioner of Auido/Intramurals

Mason Herlihy is a junior at SLOHS and is currently in the position of audio tech/intramurals. His job includes working with sound systems, as well as planning and running intramural activities. he is a co-treasurer of business club, and in his free time he enjoys playing guitar and relaxing with his chihuahuas. 

Andres Candales

Comissioner of Audio/Intramurals

Andres Candelas' role is audio tech/intramural. Him and his partners take part of working the stern systems and making games for students to compete in during lunch. Andres also plays football for the team and is involved in the Student Senate  group to make our campus better. 

Davan Murphy

Commissioner of Community Relations

Aiden Callerman


Aidan is ICC, interclub commissioner, meaning he is responsible for overseeing club applications, running club rush and recognizing our many clubs on campus. His name is actually spelt Aidan Callarman and he is an avid researcher of BIG WORDS. The ambiguity of this bio...

Yajaira Cruz

Commissioner of Lunchtime Activities

Audrey Borders

Commissioner of Lunchtime Activities

Audrey Borders is a commissioner of lunchtime activities. She puts on an on-campus event every Thursday at lunch to provide people with all-inclusive games or activities and fun prizes. Outside of ASB she enjoys playing ukulele, art, furniture restoration and cooking. 

Natalia Grondin

Commissioner of Merchendise

Gavin McDiarmid

Commissioner of Merchendise

Erin O'Neil

Commissioner of Publicity

Erin O'Neil is a senior who is a commissioner of publicity for ASB. She loves to do art and aerial skills. Throughout high school, she was on the tennis team, took part in the industrial tech classes, tutored and was a link crew leader. She thinks this school has a great community. 

Lucy Mills

Commissioner of Publicity

Grace Nickerson

Commissioner of Publicity

Hayden Goodwin

Commissioner of Social Media

Ella Fortini

Commissioner of Social Media

Chelsy Perez

Social Relations

Chelsy is a senior and this year's commissioner of social relations. She's in charge of sending birthday cards and even creating events for staff and students to feel connected on campus! Outside of school she enjoys going to the beach and driving to Chick-fil-A. 

Nicole Anderson

Social Relations

Ellery Yasumoto

Special Activities

Katerina Grondin

Special Activities

Katerina Grondin is a Junior here at SLOHS. She is one of the junior class officers and is in charge of putting on prom. At school she is apart of art club, Spanish club, plays soccer, and runs track. Outside of school she volunteers at woods and other community services. Katerina was actually born overseas in Prague, Czech Republic.

Allie Ryan


Dylan Van Rooyan


Landen Williams

Video Tech

Landen Williams and his partner Elias Weeks make videos. 

Elias Weeks

Video Tech

Elias's position in Asb is video tech. Outside of school he plays tennis 

Emily Cracknell

Wellness and Inclusivity

As Commissioners of Wellness and Inclusivity we promote healthy habits, inclusion, positivity on campus and spread awareness for various topics. W also run the HumansofSLOHS imstagram account, featuring students on campus.

Sheyla Resendez

Wellness and Inclusivity

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Mission Statement

The mission of the San Luis Obispo High School associated student body shall be to create a fun, safe learning environment that encourages success and wellness; to ensure that all students are equally represented, involved, and heard; be a liaison between students, staff, and the community; establish unity and trust between students, staff, and the ASB; thus encouraging school spirit and pride.